Bahai News - Top student awards 2001

Top student awards 2001

Secondary schools in the Nelson region were asked to nominate their top all-round students for 2001, based on contributions to the school and community as well as academic and other achievements. The awards, including certificates and book vouchers, were presented on Wednesday to the students featured on this page.



Nicola Earle

Keen at sport, music and academic studies, Nicola shows strong leadership skills, and does so with a sense of fun.

She is described as a caring and cheerful student with a great sense of humour, and someone who is able to communicate easily with staff and students.

She is a very capable musician who now teaches younger students. She is a deputy house captain and had gained service colours for her contribution to the choir and senior orchestra.

She has represented the school in the Stage Challenge contest, was a member of the 1997 Future Problem Solving team, plays grade 8 violin and piano and has completed a 10-day Spirit of Adventure voyage.

Nicola received her academic colours in 2000 and 2001, and has won school prizes in Japanese, English and music. She achieved top grades in School Certificate English, history, Japanese, music, science and maths. She finished Sixth Form Certificate with top grades in English, maths, biology, chemistry, history and Japanese.


Kerry McCallum

An outstanding young man for whom achievement is important -- the school's head student this year is an all-rounder with strong results in sport and school studies.

Kerry is described as responsible, humble and a great role model with "firmly embedded values and a kind heart'', and someone the school has been privileged to work alongside.

Kerry is a college record holder in freestyle swimming, was runner-up to the senior athletics champion and Nelson-Marlborough sprint champion this year and was captain of the Waimea College kayak polo team.

He picked up the school's accounting prize and a credit in the Australian chemistry competition, plus top marks in physics, maths, chemistry, economics, outdoor education, accounting and English. Last year he gained top marks in accounting, physics, chemistry, geography and English.


Zoe Leetch

As chairperson of the student council, youth affairs representative with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and delegate at the National Young Leaders Conference in Wellington this year, Zoe makes a huge contribution to the school.

She was also on the organising committee for the senior ball and was on the production committee for this year's school magazine.

She was a member of the senior social netball team, and has been part of several sports exchanges.

After achieving academic excellence awards at every level of her secondary schooling and earning a place as one of the top three performers overall in Sixth Form Certificate, Zoe has this year undertaken University bursary in English, history, art history, art and classical studies.

She has just been accepted as a volunteer worker for a year at the Bahai World Centre in Haifa, Israel.


Sarah Campbell

Continuing a family tradition, Sarah follows her sister Melissa as last year's top student nominee for the school.

Sarah has made the most of opportunities and is a very active student who shows strong leadership skills, despite her shy outward appearance.

She has been an excellent role model for younger students, as an achiever in academic and other interests.

She has been a member of the choir since form 3 and has helped organise school socials. She is school council secretary and is a member of the school canteen management team.

Sarah proved a strong all-rounder in sport, having represented Nelson/Canterbury/West Coast area schools in the national sports tournament for the past five years, and was this year selected for the South Island hockey team.

She is expected to achieve an "A'' bursary this year after tackling UE English, chemistry, accounting, economics and maths with statistics.


Laura Nalder

Reliable and self-motivated, Laura has been a "fantastic role model'' at school. She is totally focused on achieving at the highest level in whatever she undertakes, and is highly respected by staff and peers.

Laura has tallied a long list of achievements in the social and community fields, and has achieved extremely highly in music, dance and sport.

She is a gymnast and swimmer, and plays basketball, netball, volleyball, hockey, touch rugby while managing to finish 6th in the junior women's division of the 106km Rainbow Rage mountainbike race.

Laura has won school prizes regularly since form 2. She achieved an 80 percent average in School Certificate, was top last year in biology, English and music, and has this year come out top in music and art.


Sebastian Jones

An outstanding, all-round student who makes a substantial contribution to all areas of school life, including drama, choir, music and as a mentor for junior students.

He has managed to fit this around achieving at a high level academically.

Sebastian achieved "A'' grade passes in School Certificate accounting, economics, English, maths, physical science and science and achieved an NZQA Recognition of Excellence Certificate, as well as the Murray Fantham Memorial Prize for best all-round student in year 11.

He has this year been awarded a first in level 2 academic colours and second in level 1 colours. He was awarded a first in level 1 athletics colours and played 1st and 2nd XV rugby among other sporting achievements.

Sebastian played the lead role in this year's school production Return to the Forbidden Planet, was a leader of the concert band, member of the boarders' choir and has continued to play the clarinet.


Robin Fleming

This year's school dux, Robin has shown strength is science and was aiming for a B bursary pass this year from three bursary subjects. He was captain of this year's school hockey team and has been active in a wide range of sports activities including swimming, squash and basketball.

He has been a big contributor to school events and has been a big support of younger students. He has acted as an important role model to many, helping with tutoring and coaching and organisation of the science laboratory, the school said.

He has also worked hard outside school hours to raise money to pay for his university study.


Mark Naish

A highly respected senior student among the juniors, Mark has excellent leadership skills developed from his key roles in organising visitor and social events. He has taken responsibility for younger students, while managing to evolve his own sporting and academic skills.

Mark is a year 12 student who last year gained good School Certificate passes, and has been studying at Sixth Form Certificate level this year. His school said Mark is good at goal-setting and applies himself fully to whatever he takes on.

He has captained the secondary school rugby team and was a key member of the soccer and basketball squads. He also represented the Top of the South region at the national area schools sports tournament.

Mark is planning a career with the navy. NAYLAND COLLEGE

Clinton Lloyd

Described as a versatile student with many special qualities, Clinton has consistently used his role as a student leader for the benefit of other people, and has built a strong empathy with staff and students. He is a mature young man with strong Christian beliefs and a strong service ethic. The school says, "he is one of those young people who will do great things for many people during his lifetime''.

Clinton received the school's top award this year - the Palmer Award. He also received the principal's award in year 9 and 10, and several class first prizes in years 11 and 12. This year he has studied bursary English, statistics, physics and physics photography, journalism and stage one introduction to psychology.

In his role of student leader he chaired the school council and co-chaired the Nelson Youth Council. Clinton has also been a peer mediator and mentor, school librarian and a member of the yearbook committee.


Kimberley McMahon

With a maturity beyond her years, Kimberley at 15 years-old, is this year sitting bursary maths and calculus, after sitting School Certificate subjects in the fourth form. She achieved three A and three high B passes, and this year as a sixth former she will gain Sixth Form Certificate in English, physics, art and graphics, as well as sitting bursary maths.

Kimberley has for the last three years gained the top award in her class for best overall academic achievement.

She is also a member of the Murchison Golf Club, with a junior women's championship title, and coaches golf for the junior primary school students.

Kimberley also plays basketball and volleyball for school teams at NZ Area Schools Tournament level.

She has a strong flair for art, gaining a second place in the 1999 Tamariki and Rongatahi Maori Artists exhibition, a merit award in the Ellerslie Flower Show Schools Competition and has exhibited in the New Zealand Wearable Art Awards.

Kimberley has also attended a World Vision Leadership Course and a peer education retreat.

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