Baha'i faith stresses teachings of unity, oneness of mankind Story posted on Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Baha'i faith stresses teachings of unity, oneness of mankind

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Students interested in an alternative religious experience should check out the University Baha'i Association.
The association, founded at the University in 1994, offers a forum for the practitioners of the Baha'i faith.
Baha'i is a relatively new, independent world religion that originated in Persia in 1844.
The religion began as a movement under the leadership of the "Bab," a young man who prophesied a great teacher would come and unite the world with his words, said Tahirih Schear, a senior from Augusta and president of the University organization.
Baha'is believe this prophet was Baha'ullah, whose central teachings were the oneness of mankind and "love thy neighbor."
Baha'is believe that there is one religion, and man and society have created the differences which are now accounted for in the denominational spectrum.
The campus chapter now has more than 15 members who meet every Wednesday for discussions and readings.
"Sometimes we hold a fireside where we invite friends to discuss religion and tell people about the faith," said Paul Harris, a freshman from Mableton.
The intentions of the association are to expose its members and supporters to the Baha'i faith and unite students coming from different social and cultural backgrounds.
"We're trying to bring different people together that wouldn't normally come together," said Jaya George, a senior from Augusta. "Unity is our ultimate objective."
The Baha'i followers believe in world equality, peace and education and are active in more than 200 countries.
"The Baha'i faith is the largest world religion behind Christianity," Schear said.
Schear said all are welcome to attend the organization's events.
An open mic was held in October in Memorial Hall where students socialized, enjoyed refreshments and listened to musical performances.

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