Bahai News - Faiths unite to offer thanks Interfaith service held in Algonquin

Faiths unite to offer thanks Interfaith service held in Algonquin

Despite any of the bad things that happen to us, we must take time to show we are thankful.

That was one of the messages Tuesday during an ecumenical Thanksgiving prayer service at St. Margaret Mary Church in Algonquin.

"Every one of us in this room has been blessed beyond measure," said the Rev. David Decker, pastor at Christ Church in Algonquin.

But not everyone is grateful for their blessings, he said.

"Does your life bear witness to your gratitude?" Decker asked.

Most of the 200 people attending the interfaith service raised their hands and nodded their heads at the question, despite a downturn in the economy, a war in Afghanistan and the still-fresh memories of Sept. 11.

Those things and more were prayed for during the service, held each year to remind area residents just what they are thankful for.

Joy Community Church and First Congregational Church of Huntley also participated in the service.

A combined choir sang songs of thanks throughout the service, including one which said 'thank you' in 14 different languages.

In another show of unity between people of all religions and cultures, more than 200 people from 13 Elgin congregations also gathered Tuesday night for an interfaith Thanksgiving service.

Prayers and readings from the Quran, Baha'I Sacred Writings and Christian scriptures were read during the service at First Congregational Church on East Chicago Street. The choir, from Second Baptist Church, led the crowd in both religious and patriotic songs.

Elgin Mayor Ed Schock issued a proclamation during the service recognizing Tuesday as a "day for all people to reflect on shared values and dreams."

Remembering the less fortunate and being thankful for the gifts people do have are what Thanksgiving is all about in any faith, according to Dr. Syed Anwar of the Islamic Community Center in Elgin.

"In the Muslim perspective, you give thanks everyday," Anwar said in his address at Tuesday's gathering.

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