Bahai News - Baha'is will meet in Nashville

Baha'is will meet in Nashville

Source: The Knoxville News-Sentinel
Publication date: 2000-11-18
Arrival time: 2000-11-28

Members of the Baha'i faith from the Southern region of the United States will hold an inter-generational conference Thursday through Sunday, Nov. 23-26, in downtown Nashville's Renaissance Hotel.

The conference theme is "Linking Our Hearts to Baha'u'llah." Baha'is recognize Baha'u'llah as the founder of their faith and one whose coming was foretold in previously revealed religions. The conference will host nearly 2,000 adults, youth, and children from more than 16 states.

There will be workshops with topics such as spiritual parenting skills, special needs of youth and equality of women and men.

Dr. Robert C. Henderson, secretary-general of the faith in the United States, will be the keynote speaker on Friday, Nov. 24. Dan Seals, Doc Holladay and other musicians will perform at the conference.

The independent world religion has more than 6 million members worldwide.

Baha'i communities exist in more than 230 countries and territories.

Approximately 125 Baha'is reside in the upper East Tennessee area.

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