judicial official dismisses report on iran's human rights record

Judicial Official Dismisses Report on Iran's Human Rights Record

Tehran, nov. 11, irna -- deputy head of judiciary for executive affairs mohammad reza abbasi-fard said here on monday that though the final report of special raporteur of the un human rights commission maurice danby capithorne is pending his next visit to tehran, the trend of his report indicated that he is under influence of regional and international political currents.

speaking to irna, he said, "we are not willing to see what happened to former human rights commissioner reynaldo galindo pohl repeated to capithorne."

abbasi-fard said that since the introduction of capithorne as the special envoy of the un human rights commission the islamic republic has been optimistic that he would file an impartial and accurate report on the basis of exisiting evidence and proofs.

he said, "we expected capithorne to fiile a real and logical report on the human rights situation in iran."

in his report offered to the un general assembly last week, capithorne has alleged that human rights situation in iran may have further worsened compared to the past.

dismissing the context of capithorne's report, abbasi-fard said, "we have stated time and again that no individual or group are prosecuted in iran for religious beliefs."

"we do not regard belief in bahaism as an offence, but, in the meantime, we do not allow non-muslim individuals to commit murder, embezzlement, espionage and big offences under the so-called protection of human rights organizations," the judicial official said. ss/rr-47

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