Bahai News - Students Sharpen Their Potentials

Students Sharpen Their Potentials

Mopheme/The Survivor (Maseru)
November 7, 2000

A Mamathe High School pupil, Masechocha Mokone, made her teachers proud and happy when she cruised to the first prize of this year's 12th annual peace and tranquility essay contest at the United Nations house last Friday.

Mokone grabbed the M400 first prize and was followed by Frank Acheampong of NUL International School who won M250. Khotso George Varkey snatched the M200 third prize from Maseribane High School.

Judges of the competition admitted it was not an easy task to work with the scripts, which were not so different. One of the judges Katleho Mpefolo who spoke on behalf of Robert Likhang who did not show up at the ceremony said the competition received an overwhelming response in the schools. He was very impressed with the way students from the districts performed. He said it is impressing to see winning students come from disadvantaged areas like 'Mamathe and Maseribane in Teyateya-neng and Quthing, respectively. There were five other honourable mentions; Raseleso Rapuoa from Mamathe High School, Mawanda Dadi from NUL International School and Rethabile Tekane from St. Mary's High School.

The UN representative to Lesotho, Edward Omotoso applauded the organisers of the competition, saying "it is a strong investment. No matter how your problems are, you must know that the sky is the limit. Do not think it is boring because peace is not boring. The world counts on you to do a good job. I do not want you to underestimate the importance of peace. The culture of peace starts in the mind of people," Omotoso urged.

He said they are trying to move Lesotho out of poverty in collaboration with the government, the private sector and the NGOs. The competition was organised by the Bahai communnity with the help of the United Nations in Lesotho.

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