Copithrone's Report on Iran to Serve None But Oppressors and Arrogant Powers

Copithrone's Report on Iran to Serve None But Oppressors and Arrogant Powers

A well-known anti-Iran official of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Maurice Copithrone once more chanted the same old slogans in a new style and wordings.
Copithrone, as usual raised the issue of Bahai sect that is not constitutionally recognized in the Islamic Republic.
As far as constitutional provisionson religions are concerned, Bahaism is not recognized in Iran. Only the Divine religions are recognized by the Iranian Constitution and others do have every right to live in the country in peace with no problem.

The case of Bahais is different because this cult was a brain child of the Zionists who created it with two specific goals: first, to sow the seeds of discord among the Muslims through Bahais' well-known tactics tom ake propaganda against the fundamentals of Islam; second, the Bahais, through spying for the Zionists, serve Israeli interest not only in Iran but elsewhere in the world.
The Iranian security forces have authentic proof against Bahais who, during the Shah's regime and after the culmination of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, spied for Israel and served that entity's interest in Iran.

With this background, is it really necessary to give explanation about why the Bahais do not enjoy equal status with other nationals in this country? Copithrone also mentioned about freedoms of the press, expression and association and said these are on the decline in Iran since what he said the repression in July of student protests against the current system.
Capithorne's statement is really surprising, for even a layman can understand that at this stage the Iranians enjoy freedom of expression -- more than any time in the past.

So many periodicals hit the news stands everyday which are widely read with a variety of opinions on various national and international issues
Copithrone and the like simply forget that the present ruling system is Iran came into existence after unprecedented sacrifices made by the common people and stalwarts of the revolution.
The most important factor is that the Islamic Republic had cut off the hands of the oppressors from Iran -- the oppressors who, through their puppet regime of the shahs, were exploiting the national wealth for centuries.

The Iranian nation also knows very well that those who lost their illegitimate interest in Iran have been doing all to undo what was done through unprecedented sacrifices by this nation.

Under the circumstance, unlimited freedom of expression of thought can not be useful for the health of the society. Otherwise, Iran has several political parties and factions, they participate in the free and fair elections and express their opinion on all national and international issues with the same limitation that may preserve the health of the society.
Copithrone's statement will serve none but the oppressors and arrogant powers who want to see Iran as a submissive country and not an independent country.

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