Bahai News - Nov. 9 PBS broadcast of "Invisible Soldiers, Unheard Voices"

Nov. 9 PBS broadcast of "Invisible Soldiers, Unheard Voices"

Date: 10/25/00

To: Institutions and believers in the Western Region

The Regional Bahá'í Council of the Western States wishes to share the following exciting news, received from the National Teaching Committee:
The national image of the Bahá'í Faith before the general public will take a major step forward Nov. 9, with the National Spiritual Assembly's co-sponsorship of the first broadcast of "Invisible Soldiers, Unheard Voices" on the Public Broadcasting System.

Produced by William Smith, a Bahá'í in Sudbury, Massachusetts, "Invisible Soldiers, Unheard Voices" details how African-American and other minority World War II veterans faced and dealt with racism in the military and American society.

Two 15-second Bahá'í Faith commercial spots will air at the start and close of the broadcast and will become a permanent part of the program. Their dignified style is typical of the short promotions that run with many PBS programs. The program is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. Eastern time; please check your listings for local broadcast time.

In addition, the program will initiate a new web address,, which will assist in measuring responses to the broadcast and the Bahá'í Message of "race unity and justice."

Schools and libraries across the country that are part of the PBS system are allowed to record the program and use it for rebroadcast in classrooms. Copies of the tape may be obtained through a toll-free telephone number to be broadcast during the program.

The production is at the heart of the National Day of Honor program, which was honored with a congressional resolution and signed by President Clinton in a White House ceremony with Smith in attendance. Many local Bahá'ícommunities have organized National Day of Honor service projects utilizing the film and by inviting other to participate in local Day of Honor activities.

Among others, communities organizing programs include: Charleston, West Virginia; Salem, Clemson and Donald, South Carolina; Montgomery, Alabama; New York City; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Communities interested in the Day of Honor program can learn more at the Web site (

Editor's Note: In the Atlanta area, it will NOT be shown Nov. 9th. It will be shown on WPBA Nov. 28, Tues, at 10 P.M. and Sunday, Dec. 3, at 7 A.M.

©Copyright 2000, The Regional Bah\341'\355 Council of the Western States

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