Baha'i Temple Moves Toward Completion

The Christian Century, Volume 58, Number 43 (October 22, 1941): p. 1316


Baha'i Temple Moves Toward Completion

In the Baha'i Temple which overlooks Wilmette harbor on the north shore, Chicago has its own Taj Mahal, a project which has now been some 15 years in construction. It is now anticipated that it will be completed within the next two years. It is a great domed structure, said to be the sixth largest dome in the world, and about the size of the center of the national capitol at Washington. Baha'ism is a syncretism of the nine great religions of the world and takes its rise from its prophet Baha'u'llah, born in Persia in the last century. Its unusual and lovely temple in Chicago is destined to be a mecca of visitors in years to come.

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