Bahai News - Observances Published Saturday, October 14, 2000


  • Sukkoth, which began Friday night at sundown, continues today through Sunday. During this time Jews are commanded to live in tents or booths made of branches to commemorate God's care of them when they were wandering in the desert after they fled from Egypt. It is also known as the Festival of Tabernacles.

  • Sunday through Oct. 22 is a Christian observance of a Week of Prayer for World Peace.

  • The Zoroastrian festival of Ayathram Gahanibvar ends Monday It is a festival that celebrates prosperity. The teaching of Zarathustra is essentially optimistic since he was said to be the only baby that laughed at birth instead of crying.

  • On Wednesday, Western Christians honor St. Luke, Apostle and Evangelist, who was believed to be one of the authors of the four canonical gospels.

  • Friday is the Birth of the Bab, who predicted the establishment of the Bahai faith and urged his followers to prepare for it. His 19 disciples, known as Letters of the Living, taught throughout 19th-century Persia.

  • Friday is also Installation of Holy Scriptures as Guru, when Sikhs honor their holy writings by making them as important as a holy teacher, or guru.

  • Shemini Atzeret, or the Eighth Day of Assembly, begins at sundown Friday. The Jewish festival features prayers for rain and a good harvest for the coming year.

    -- Mall Area Religious Council

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