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Baha'i death sentences in Iran

The organisation representing members of the Baha'i faith in Britain says the Iranian Supreme Court has confirmed death sentences on two more Baha'is in Iran.

A statement released in London says Sirius Dhabihi-Muqaddam and Hedayat Kashefi-Najafabadi had been condemned for their involvement in religious meetings known as Family Life gatherings.

A Baha'i spokesman expressed concern that after the agreement between Iran and Britain to resolve the Salman Rushdie affair there would be increased pressure on the Baha'is.

He saidthey had often been used as scapegoats when there was internal conflict in Iran.

Tehran regards the Baha'i sect as heretical.

One Baha'i was executed in Iran in July - the first time this had happened for six years.

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