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Top Ten Religion Web Sites Announced in '30 Days on the Internet'; High-Tech Worshippers Faithfully Seeking Religion on the Internet

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 18 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading vertical Internet directory, today announced day seventeen winners of "30 Days on the Internet." According to Galaxy's Internet librarians, the top ten places on the Web to study religion or worship online are:

     Beliefnet -                            Medea's Chariot -               The Opinionated Pagan
                                            Research Center -

     Catholic Online -                      Sikhism -       -                     The Baha'i World -  

     IslamiCity -                           The Hindu Universe -     -

Internet users can register daily to win prizes related to each category by visiting and voting for their favorite site. Each day of "30 Days on the Internet," voters can register to win a category-related prize, and at the end of the campaign, a grand prize winner will be randomly selected to win all 30 prizes. The thirty favorite sites as voted on by Galaxy visitors will be announced at Internet World Fall 2000.

An executive summary containing financial profiles, relevant industry trends and the latest research about the religion industry is posted on the Galaxy Web site. LifeWay Christian Resources, the world's leader in Christian material, sponsored the religion category, and WebVision, a provider of full- scale Internet business solutions, has also aligned with Galaxy as the event sponsor.

"The Internet has generated innumerable ways in which to reach the world with the Gospel," said Gary McClure, manager, LifeWayonline. "Previously untouched peoples in censored countries and the even the United States now have freedom to access a wide range of Christian materials."

This is the seventeenth winning category in Galaxy's "30 Days on the Internet" campaign, a program designed to recognize the best sites in 30 different categories throughout September. Galaxy is accepting submissions for the remaining 13 categories.

     In the next five days, Galaxy will announce top ten winners in:
     Sept. 18   Sept. 19        Sept. 20     Sept. 21              Sept. 22
     Education  Government/Law  Photography  International Health  Finance

About Galaxy:

Galaxy, a leading Internet directory, provides fast, contextually relevant searches of the Internet for numerous vertical markets, including health, education, international, religion, pets and more. Because Galaxy's human information specialists review sites before submission into the Galaxy directory, search results will not include sites with adult content, hate or violence or sites without content value. Launched in January 1994, Galaxy is the first searchable Internet directory. Galaxy is based in Austin, Texas, and has administrative offices in Nashville, TN. The company is owned 50/50 by a subsidiary of FOX Entertainment (NYSE: FOX - news), a group of private investors and management. For more information about Galaxy, visit

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