Bahai News - Matembe Blasts Church Leaders Over Public Bickering

Matembe Blasts Church Leaders Over Public Bickering

Neww Vision

September 18, 2000

Emmanuel Mulondo

Ethics and Integrity Minister Miria matembe on Saturday lashed out at church leaders for what she called bickering in public.

"Most of you religious leaders are self seekers. These Protestants and Catholics, why are they fighting in the press?" Matembe asked participants at an inter-religious dialogue at grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala.

She said it was unfortunate that differences were cropping up at a time when the country was beginning to look to religion for political solutions. "Of late I saw the Church of Uganda seeming to open a war on the Catholic Church. When I saw it I felt a bit apprehensive," Matembe said "I wish these people had come here and listened to what I am saying. We cannot afford to see Christians quarrelling now when the Muslims are peaceful," she said. Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala of the Catholic Church and Arch-bishop Mpalanyi Nkoyooyo of Church of Uganda were invited but did not show up at the function. No apologies were sent.

The COU at its recent provincial assembly accused the Catholic Church of harbouring sentiments for acquiring state power but veiling them with complaints of being marginalised.

"People see God in religious leaders but when religious leaders begin quarrelling publicly it is a shame," Matembe said.

The dialogue was organised by the Always Be Tolerant Organisation (ABETO) in conjunction with the Bahais of Uganda.

Matembe said many religious people were spending time maligning and destroying each other in the name of God yet their goal is to gain supremacy. Present were representatives from the Hindu, Orthodox and several sects of the Islamic faith.

ABETO chairman Moses Musana criticised accusations and counter-accusations between the judiciary and executive.

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