Bahai News - Aust holds prayer vigils to remember US terror victims

Aust holds prayer vigils to remember US terror victims

Special church services and peace vigils are being held around the country in memory of the victims of last week's terrorist attacks.

Reverend Ray Richmond from Sydney's Wayside Chapel will hold a prayer vigil today for the people of the United States and the Family of Humanity

He says the world is still coming to terms with the events of Tuesday, September 11 2001.

"I think it involves everybody, it has shaken the confidence of the whole world community," he said.

Sydney's Bahai community will be holding an interfaith memorial services today, at the same time the Vietnamese Buddhist community will be starting a day of prayer.

Peace vigils will also be held in Brisbane, spokesman Joan Shears.

"I think we need to be able to build a front of compassion and unity," she said.

In Melbourne in conjunction with Friends of the Earth and People for Nuclear Disarmament, spokesman Michael Jansen.

"We're calling for a calm and balanced approach to apprehending the perpetrators rather than the escalation of racial and religious vilification," he said.

A special national service will be held in the Federal Parliament tomorrow.

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