Bahai News - Stop the Hate Vigils - October 5, 2000

Stop the Hate Vigils - October 5, 2000

The National Spiritual Assembly has endorsed a campaign to hold Stop the Hate interfaith vigils around the country on October 5. The vigils bring organizations together to speak out against hate violence, attacks on people or property which are motivated by hatred based on race, religion, nationality, or sex.

The vigils provide an excellent opportunity for local Spiritual Assemblies to work together with local organizations and faith groups. Stop the Hate was founded in 1999 by two national interfaith organizations, The Interfaith Alliance and the Fellowship of Reconciliation. The vigil campaign is endorsed by numerous national organizations.

More information about the Stop the Hate vigils can be obtained at the websites and . A 28-page “toolkit” for vigil organizers can be obtained from the website, by emailing , or by contacting

STOP the HATE Campaign
Fellowship of Reconciliation
Box 271
Nyack, NY 10960
Phone: 845-358-4601

The Fellowship of Reconciliation can also provide information about other organizations that are already planning vigils in local areas. For guidelines on Bahá'í association with organizations, Assemblies may consult Developing Distinctive Bahá'í Communities, Section 12.14. Local Spiritual Assemblies who have questions about the national Stop the Hate campaign and Bahá'í participation may contact the National Spiritual Assembly’s Washington D.C. office (Office of External Affairs).

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