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Man walking 164 miles for veteran

by Denise O. Miller
Journal Reporter

For Don Harmon, walking is more than an alternative mode of transportation.

Don Harmon walks for a cause and a commitment.

A Marine Corps veteran, Harmon marched 52 miles in 10 hours for the American hostages in Iran in 1980.

Now he walks in memory of a friend and out of faith.

On Sunday, Harmon began another journey in Auburn, walking from the Mountain View Cemetery grave of his long-time friend, artist and teacher David L. Francis, who introduced him to the Baha'i faith. Harmon is walking to raise money for arts scholarships and for the National Baha'i Fund. His destination is the Peace Arch in Blaine, 164 miles away. He should be there Saturday, almost a week after he started.

The foundation of the Baha'i faith, to put it simply, is the unity of the human family and harmony among science, art and religion, said Karen Smith, spokeswoman for the Auburn Baha'i Local Assembly. The Baha'i faith began in 1844 in Persia with two founders, The Bab, meaning ``The Gate'' in the Farsi language, and Baha'ullah, meaning ``glory of God,'' Smith said.

Because ``the Baha'i will only accept donations from other Baha'i,'' the money from Harmon's pledges will go to the National Baha'i Fund for programs such as restoring properties and improving schools.

``The non-Baha'i money will go toward arts scholarships in Francis' name,'' Smith said.

Each night, for the remainder of his journey, Harmon will give informal talks on the Baha'i faith at public meetings.

This event is sponsored by the Auburn Baha'i Local Assembly.

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