Bahai News - Honouring Audrey Robarts

Honouring Audrey Robarts, serene and joyous in her final days.

Canada, Ontario – (August 4, 2000) This notice, written by a friend of the Robarts family, was found at the Web site of the Bahá'í Native Circle of Ontario:

"I write to you today to share news and to relay a request for prayers for Audrey Robarts, who is in the last days of her life on this planet. Audrey is in a nursing home in Rawdon, Quebec, just a few blocks from her home, surrounded by family members who have gathered at her bedside. She and her family are asking for prayers for the swift passage of her soul into the next world. She is serene and happy and joyously looking forward to her journey.

With [her daughter] Nina's approval, I am relaying this message to all the [Canadian Regional] Councils, and a few individuals for whom I have email addresses, asking that this news be shared as widely as possible, and especially to those among us who are personal friends of the Robarts family.

... Further news will be shared with you as it becomes available. You will readily understand that Nina is preoccupied with the care and comfort of her mother, and therefore has not had time to communicate with all their friends. I am acting on her behalf.

With loving regards to you all,
Ann Wilson-Wynen
August 7, 2000"

Further information may be found at the Web
site of The Bahá'í Native Circle of Ontario at

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