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Anti-Iran Propaganda by Supporters of Bahais in Europe


TEHRAN -- According to British Deputy Foreign Minister B. Simons, members of the European Union Troika had requested the government of Iran on 4 October, 1998, not to carry out the death sentence in the case of Bahais.

Simons made the above statement in response to a question in the House of Lords. Lord Hylton asked the British deputy foreign minister at the parliamentary session on Thursday whether the British government had requested Tehran to pardon the Bahais who are condemned to death.

The deputy foreign minister further said that "We and our allies in the European Union repeatedly remind the Iranians to pay attention to the condition of Bahai community in Iran." "We were assured that the issue would be raised in the human rights resolution bearing on Iran in the Human Rights Commission in Geneva," he added.

It should be noted that the Bahai groups have launched a massive disinformation campaign throughout the world, especially in Europe, against Iran, and raising such repetitive questions in the British parliament, especially in the House of Lords, is part of such efforts.

The propaganda campaign launched by these groups also includes sending news bulletins and pamphlets to politicians, researchers and academics in Britain and other European countries. These bulletins and pamphlets are regularly sent to the addresses of the above individuals and contain scores of accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

For instance, the detention and execution of the spies are termed persecution due to the religious beliefs. It seems that the necessary measures have not been taken by Iran to counter such baseless accusations leveled by the Bahais.

Among the measures that should be taken by Iran is to expose the Bahai spies and their foreign links to non-Persian speaking people. The exposure of the espionage circles affiliated to Bahaism and presenting the history of the establishment of this movement and its foreign connections through publishing pamphlets in international languages such as English and sending them to research centers and politicians and researchers in other countries can help to expose this anti-Islamic movement and foil its plots to tarnish the image of Iran.

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