Bahai News - Arc Nears Completion

Arc Nears Completion

Israel, Haifa - With just a couple of months left before the completion of the Arc, the Mount Carmel Projects forge ahead to meet the deadline for completion, set for the end of this year.

"What keeps us going is the warm and encouraging support from Bahá’ís around the world, and loving and inspiring words such as these from the Supreme Body: ‘... the entire Bahá’í World stands in admiration at the manner in which this monumental task is being executed through the selfless and consecrated labours of the dear friends serving in the Mount Carmel Projects Office.’"

-Taken from Vineyard of the Lord, Qudrat 156 BE/ November 1999 AD

Special Picture Gallery of the Arc (taken Spring 2000), provided by Enlighten's Correspondent, Alexander Rehayem.

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