Bahai News - Whole Earth Festival booths satisfy array of interests Friday May 12th 2000

Whole Earth Festival booths satisfy array of interests

By Roopa Raman
Aggie Features Writer

People will step into a whole new world of arts and crafts, food and recycling at the Whole Earth Festival this weekend. Activity directors said they are enthusiastic about the success of their projects.

Experiential Space director and senior Sarah Underwood said various workshops will be conducted by UCD Experimental College instructors, students, nonprofit organizations and other locals with expertise in WEF activities. People who visit the white tent on the Quad will come out with new knowledge and ideas, according to Underwood.

"People who visit the space are gong to be experiencing something or another," she said.

Spoon bending, meditation and salsa dancing classes will be offered, in addition to other educational opportunities. People can learn how to make and play the digeridoo - an aborigine instrument. A tantra workshop for couples based on exploration into meditation and sexuality is also scheduled.

Food booth director and senior Andy Hufton said there will be about 17 booths set up in food circles on the east and west sides of the Quad offering a wide selection of ethnic and vegetarian fare.

Hufton said Jacqui's Gourmet Cookies, which will sell vegan brownies, cookies and other desserts, and the Herbal Elixir vendor, selling shakes made of a blend of different herbal ingredients, are new additions to the food feast.

Hufton said visitors are encouraged to bring their own silverware, plates and cups. Organic food will also be on sale.

Education and service booth coordinator and senior Jen Hoover said there will be 11 service booths and 65 educational booths on the Quad. There will also be about seven campus student groups featured including the campus religious organization the Baha'i Club and the student chapter of Amnesty International.

Hoover said she tried to recruit more educational booths this year to increase awareness about a variety of subjects.

"I feel education is an important component of the festival," she said. "I wanted to make it more visible."

Parades and drum circle coordinator and senior Nikki Grey said the drum circle can be found on the Hart Hall lawn. She said the circle is popular because it is a safe place for people to play music. People can either bring their own drum or borrow a drum from nearby vendors, according to her.

Compost and recycling co-coordinator and sophomore Max Cadji said he will be helping sort items from the recycling bins on the Quad to ensure they are in the appropriate receptacles. The compost bins will be a mixture of items such as paper products and utensils. The glass bin will hold glass items and the "everything else" bins will hold recyclables and other items, according to him.

Artspace coordinator and senior Dawnica Williams accumulated photography, drawings and recycled material sculptures to display under a tent on the Quad.

"It's kind of exciting," she said. "A lot of artists do not get a chance to show their work in local exhibits. It's a place to be creative and express yourself."

Hands-on-crafts director and senior Marisa Still organized the hands-on-crafts space near the Quad stage. People can participate in activities such as pine needle basket making, incense making and candle making. Most of the materials used for the crafts are recycled, purchased from thrift stores or compostable, according to Still.

Kids' space coordinator and sophomore Aimee deLorimier said there will be also be entertainment for children including arts and crafts and a guitar player on the Quad.

Craft booth director Alaine Sommargren said 130 vendors will be selling their handmade crafts such as pottery and wood carving around the perimeter of the Quad. Sommargren said she was interested in people who sold environmentally safe items and followed trade rules.

"Most important to me is that none of the materials are imported from other countries," she said.

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