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Bahai Youth Movement Congress - Ecuador 2000

Dear Friends,

Allahuabha. Please receive warm greetings from the National Youth Committee of the Bahá´is of Ecuador.

With great joy we announce the celebration of the Bahá´i Youth Movement Congress for the Americas "Service and Transformation... the challenge of this generation", to be held in Otavalo - Ecuador from August 9 to 14 of 2000.

This is one of the 9 BYM Congresses that are taking place during this year along the Americas, and that are being supported by the Continental Board of Counselors. Even though this Congress is mainly for the northern countries of South America, we extend a warm and loving invitation to all the youth movements in North, Central, South America and the Caribbean, and also to our dear friends in the rest of the world.

It is our hope that we can have a large and diverse participation of friends from other Baha'i Youth Movements in Latin America and the world! All the people between 11 and 30 years old are welcome to participate; so bring all your energy, love, ideas, experiences and spirit to share with hundreds of youth that will gather to connect, learn, study, reflect, laugh, create, and act during 5 days of an intense and enriching program!!

The program for the first 3 days is based on the guidelines from the House of Justice to the Baha'i Youth Movement: The Destiny and Transformation of Latin America, A distinctive Bahá´i Life, and The Advancement of the Process of Entry by Troops. The 4th day of the program will be dedicated to the Baha'i Youth Movement and there will be stands with projects in different countries, and it will be a day of celebration of the victories of the BYM.

The event will be at the Baha'í School Raul Pavón in the city of Otavalo, just one hour and half from Quito, the capital. Otavalo is also the site for the Bahá´i Radio and the National Institute, and is located on the foothills of the beautiful Andean volcano of Imbabura, next to lake Saint Paul. The registration fee is US $50 for the 5 days. The currency in Ecuador is US Dollars, so bring only Dollars.

There will also be a teaching project for 2 weeks after the Youth Congress all around the country and you are invited to participate as well!! Please visit our web page for more information about the program, the place, weather, teaching opportunities, etc. You will also find there the pre-registration form to be fill out before June 1st.

You can also contact the NYC for further information or questions to or through our national office.

With loving Bahá´i greetings,

CNJ Ecuador

©Copyright 2000, National Youth Committee of the Bahá´is of Ecuador

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