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Marriage Bahai's Style

By O P Sharma

The marriage system in Baha'i faith is a very simple and solemn affair. The ceremony is so simple that to solemnise the marriage not many ritual are there. Even no priest is required. The short ceremony of wed-lock can be performed by any one belonging to Bahai's community. There is no dowry system. However, the bridegroom presents prescribed gifts to the bride on the occasion.

The Bahai's faith originated in Iran and later spread to other countries. There in compact Bahai's community in India and their famous Lotus temple in Delhi is a proud architectural monument. There are few Baha'i families in Jammu as well. They have their own place of worship situated at Trikuta Nagar, Jammu where they gather for prayers on Sundays and other occasions.

There is no usual hala-gula in their functions. The marriage party is also in much smaller numbers. First of all, the boy and girl have to agree to the marriage proposal and full as also willingconsent of both the boy and girl is a must for the marriage, according to the Bahai's scriptures.

No rituals

Both the new couple to be life partners have to sign some documents in the presence of a senior member of the Baha'i faith with two respectable witnesses. The Baha'i marriage ceremony is simple yet profound and dignified. Baha'i Faith has ordained that the couple should say, before two trustworthy witnesses, the marriage vow: "we will all, verily abide by the will of God". Having done it, they become husband and wife.

Afterwards, they are presented gifts by the friends and relatives and blessings are showered. In such a marriage, there is no particular binding for the dress of either bridegroom or the bride. They can wear their country's traditional dress and solemnise the marriage while just sitting in their chairs in front of the friends, relatives and invitees.

This faith, believed to be an independent religion, has got its own set of laws. And marriage law is one of them. For Bahai's, marriage is an enternal command of God and it is considered a divine institution. The marriage plays a significant role in safeguarding the unity and progress of the family which is the smallest social unit of every society. The Baha'i faith marriage constitute a social function of the highest and indeed vital importance, as through them alone the human race is perpetuated.

Will of God

Quite a few days back I had an occasion to attend Bahai's marriage ceremony of Mr.Mehzad and Miss Hoda Shoaie arranged at K.C.Residency, Jammu. At this simple function, Mr.Anil Sood, who is Chairman of the local Spiritual Assembly of Bahai's in Jammu, conducted the marriage of the young couple. Mehzad is working in Australia and had especially come here for the wedlock. While Hoda's parents are in Iran and she was putting up at Jammu with Huma and Kamal her sister and brother-in-law respectively.

Simple, Dowryless

Mr Mehzad presented a gift of gold chain, a ring and earrings to the bride amidst prayers and cheers by all those present at the function.

Divine blessings were invoked by those present on the happy occasion and wished the new couple, Hoda and Mehzad a happy and prosperous life. This was followed by sumptuous dinner in the background of sweet, gentle music. The selected invitees including relatives numbered only 20 and there was no dowry!

It was a simple, dignified, dowryless, small family affairs.

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