Bahai News - Religious, Spiritual Leaders to Promote Peace in Mauritius

Religious, Spiritual Leaders to Promote Peace in Mauritius

Panafrican News Agency (Dakar)
March 27, 2001

Port Louis, Mauritius

A newly-formed Council of Religious and Spiritual leaders in Mauritius said it would work towards promoting peace and harmony on the island, sources close to the Council said.

"The setting up of this Council is an asset for Mauritius where several cultures co-exist," Homa Mungapen, a Bahai member of the Council, said Monday.

She said the Board's Council comprises representatives of major religions in the island nation.

According to Mungapen, the problem in Mauritius is that though people live together, they do not know anything about each other's faiths.

"One of the Council's objective is to sensitise the Mauritian population on the need to know about each others' religions. We also want to show them that we are all the same," she said.

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