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Key Meetings for Bahá'ís

A local Bahá'í couple have been privileged to take part in two important meetings.

Dr Bibhas Neogi and his wife Carolyn travelled first to Southport for the first annula meeting of the Bahá'í Auxiliary Board.

The Bahá'í administration has two arms the elected assemblies which take care of the spiritual and practical affairs of each community, and the appointed Continental Board of Counsellors with their Auxiliary Board members in each country, with assistants for each area. Bibhas and Carolyn are assistants.

The meeting should have taken place in September but was cancelled due to petrol shortages.

This was fortuitous since the 10 Auxiliary Board members for England, Scotland and Wales, and the Counsellor for England (Mr Shariar Rezavi of Winchester) were now fresh back from the Holy Land where they had attended the opening of the International Teaching Centre on Mount Carmel.

Each member told moving stories and anecdotes from this mighty convocation, with counsellors from evry corner of the globe coming together for the first time, some making incredible journies through forests and minefields before they could even begin their journey to Israel.

The second weekend was spent at the Bahá'í Centre in Liverpool, arranged by the Bahá'í Association for Social and Economic Development (BASED-UK) of which Bibhas is an executive committee member.

The weekend was spent discussing the spiritual dimensions of SED and there were presentations from those who have worked in Bahá'í schools, medical centres, orphanages and forestry projects in India, South America and Africa as well as local community projects in this country.

Information on the Bahá'í International Community and BASED-UK is available on

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