Bahai News - Archbishop Wamala Urges Other Groups To Join UJCC UGANDA

Archbishop Wamala Urges Other Groups To Join UJCC

New Vision (Kampala)
February 25, 2000
By John Kakande

Kampala - Emmanuel Cardinal, Wamala the Achibishop of Kampala, said on Wednesday that all religious denominations are free to apply and join the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC).

The influential UJCC is composed of the Catholic Church, the Church of Uganda and the Orthodox Church.

Formed in the 1980s, UJCC has since 1994 played a leading role in conducting civic education and elections monitoring. It usually takes a collective stand on important national issues like the referendum on political systems.

Wamala, told The New Vision at a dinner for religious leaders at the Grand Imperial Hotel that other denominations were free to apply to join the UJCC.

But he said they must subscribe to the religious doctrines of Trinity, Baptism with water; and believe in the Apostles.

Wamala said the UJCC has a sub-committee on Muslim affairs. "We have been having a dialogue with the Muslims," Wamala said. He said a Catholic priest on the sub-committee is a scholar in Islamic studies.

The dinner, organised by a local NGO, Always Be Tolerant (ABETO) and the German Development Service (DED), was attended by the Emir of the Tabliq sect, Sheik Sulaiman Kakeeto.

Others were Archbishop Christian Aliddeki of the Adventist Church and George Olinga of the Bahai faith.

Wamala told guests at the dinner that "true religion is not divisive. Any religion which divides is false. There is no religion which preaches war, hatred or intolerance." Kakeeto said Islam does not discriminate. "Under Islam, human beings are equal. There is none superior or inferior," he said.

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