Bahai News - Council votes to keep prayer in meeting

Spokane, WA

Council votes to keep prayer in meeting

SPOKANE, WA, Feb. 20 - Spokane's City Council voted Monday night to keep a council tradition, the prayer at the beginning of every meeting.

Every council meeting begins with a religous official from the community delivering a prayer. Monday night's included an official from the Bahai faith delivering the prayer.

Some councilmembers say the prayer is inclusive, because the council invites people from different faiths to give it. But Councilman Steve Eugster had argued the council prayer alienates people because it's usually delivered by someone from the Christian faith. The city's Human Rights Commission also supported ending the prayer.

In the end the council voted to keep the prayer, 4 to 1. Eugster was the only one who voted to abolish prayer at council meetings.

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