Bahai News - Passing of Counsellor Mr. Abaineh Merhatsion

Passing of Counsellor Mr. Abaineh Merhatsion

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TO: The National Spiritual Assembly DATE: 10 February 2000
of the Baha'is of Ethiopia

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The untimely passing of much-loved and highly admired Abaineh Merhatsion has filled our hearts with sorrow. His self-effacement, wisdom and patience combined to leave after him a record of exemplary service, including his membership on the National Spiritual Assembly of Ethiopia, and subsequently on the Continental Board of Counsellors for Africa. Kindly convey to his dear family the assurance of our fervent prayers in the Holy Shrines for he progress of his noble soul in the Abha Kingdom.

We advise you to hold memorial gatherings in his honour throughout Ethiopia, and are requesting all National Spiritual Assemblies on the African Continent to hold similar meetings. The National Spiritual Assembly of Uganda is being asked to hold a memorial service at the Mother Temple of Africa.

The Universal House of Justice

cc: International Teaching Centre
Boards of Counsellors
National Spiritual Assemblies

©Copyright 2000, The Universal House of Justice

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