Restrictions on religion

Restrictions on religion

National/World News : Friday, January 31, 1997
by Associated Press and Knight-Ridder Newspapers
Following are examples from the State Department's annual human-rights report:

China: The state-sponsored church is the Chinese Patriotic Association, which the communist government considers a Catholic church. China, however, has no ties with the Vatican and forbids all allegiance to the papacy. China officially recognizes some religions, but they must report to a government agency that promotes atheism.

Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Cuba: Christians are subject to difficulties ranging from interference to outright persecution.

Iran: The government continues to repress members of the Baha'i faith.

Vietnam: Buddhists and Christians suffer from government restrictions.

Saudi Arabia: Non-Muslims are prohibited from public worship.

Middle East: Anti-Semitic materials regularly appear in government-controlled media.

Germany: Major parties exclude Scientologists from membership, and the Bavarian state government says it will not fund arts-related activities in which Scientologists would appear.

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