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Religion briefs

     Bahai adherents mourn loss of founder's relative
Members of the Bahai faith of Claremont along with followers of the Bahai faith around the world are mourning the death of the last living link with the faith's founder.
Ruhiyyih Rabbani died Jan. 19 after a long illness. She was 89.
Rabbani was the widow of Shoghi Effendi, the great-grandson Baha'u'llah, who established the religion in 19th century Iran.
Effendi headed the Bahai faith until his death in 1957.
Rabbani was also a leader in the Bahai community. She was one of the group of nine who served as custodians of the Bahai World Centre for six years.
Bahai followers believe the will of one God is progressively revealed to people through the founders of the great religions.
Among memorial gatherings around the world, the Bahai of Claremont will hold a service at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at 234 E. Alfred Drive, Claremont. The program includes readings from the Bahai writings and Ruhiyyih Khanum's written work. Participants also can share their memories of her. For more information, call 626-2569.

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