December 25, a bright but comfortably warm day seemed to concur with what was to happen in the following 5 days of the first International Summer School ever held in Namibia.
December 26, the first day of the summer school, and the rain decided to join hands in welcoming the friends to Namibia and evening with Kevin Locke a Native American from the Sioux tribe who arrived in Namibia two weeks ahead of the summer school to participate in a teaching project that took him to many places throughout Namibia. The moment without a doubt unforgettable.
The topics for the summer school and the speakers that delivered them took the participants through moments of reflection, dedication, and at times topics like early days in the History of the Baha'i Faith in Namibia moved those who witnessed it and those who only heard about it for the first time to tears.
Mr Sabri who delivered speeches on the theme of the school "Building a united, vibrant, cohesive Community" (an extract from the message of Universal House of Justice on the Four Year Plan) ignited a fire within the hearts of the participants that will undoubtedly burn for a long time to come. To top it all off , the last day of the summer school was blessed with the presence of Counsellor Mrs Lally Warren who cut short her trip to the Counsellors meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. People from as far as Barbedos, Ethiopia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States and from Southern African countries came for this wonderful school. In total there were 17 countries represented and 427 people attended the school including the 55 people subsidized. The core committee with 11 other sub-committees worked so hard to make this school a success. The unity and love and cooperation which came out of this school is wonderful. The whole idea of the "Subsidy" was very much supported and welcomed by many participants, and all who were subsidized gave their services to the cause and to raise money even by washing cars, this really sowed the sense of commitment of our youth, and the eagerness to participate in the school. Speeches delivered by Mr Sabri on the arc and by Mr Tahir Taherzadeh on the history of the Faith were well attended.
Other interesting highlights of the school were the performing arts festival in the evenings. There were prizes and certificate of attendance awarded to all who attended the performing arts. The spirit was wonderful and all did their best to show their talents.
On Tuesday December 28th the official opening day, Dr Mose Tjitendero the speaker of the National Assembly of Namibia, the key note speaker in his address praised the Baha'is for the wonderful work they are doing. The event received a wide media coverage by the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC). Participants representing different nationalities and countries were welcomed by Mr Akin Odulate the Master of Ceremony and Ms Ndita Nghipondoka, which was spiritually uplifting and joyous moment.
A Banner hung in the middle of down town Windhoek on "Independence Avenue" adored the avenue along with x-mass and millennium lights and decorations for about 2 weeks.
The Teaching project which followed the school, enrolled into the Faith 24 souls.

©Copyright 2000, Sophie Tekie, Namibia

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