Dutch Say Iranians lacking asylum must go home
Dutch say Iranians lacking asylum must go home

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THE HAGUE (Reuters) -- Iranians who have not received asylum from the Netherlands must return to Iran, the Dutch cabinet said on Friday.

In a position paper issued to the cabinet, Dutch Junior Justice Minister Job Cohen said the situation in Iran was now secure enough for those on temporary permits living in the Netherlands to return to Iran.

It did not specify any immediate plans to begin deportations. About 4,600 Iranians are currently living in Dutch asylum centers.

The cabinet also said it would stop issuing temporary permits to new Iranian refugees who do not meet the asylum requirements.

However, it said it would continue to grant asylum to Iranian refugees facing persecution, including intellectuals, writers, journalists, homosexuals and members of the Baha'i religious sect.

The Dutch government has been struggling to craft policies to handle an influx of refugees expected to soar to 65,000 in 1999 from 20,000 in 199

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