World Religion Day -- Tasmania

Report of World Religion Day

16 January 2000

This was the 50th Anniversary of the World Religion Day which was inaugurated by the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States in 1950. The first World Religion Day in Tasmania was held at the Continental Hotel at 162 Macquarie Street, Hobart on 21st January, 1951. It has been observed regularly by the Baha'i Community over the years and this year was held at the Collegiate Performing Arts Centre on Sunday 16th January.

In recognition of the International Year for the Culture of Peace, the readings at this year's Multi-Faith Service were on the theme of Peace. Members of the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Baha'i Faiths read, with musical interludes presented by the Baha'i Unity Choir and three guest performers, Allan Badalassi who played one of his own compositions on the piano, and Nora Durell sang two numbers, accompanied by Barrie de Jersey on the piano.

Among the 80 guests who attended were the Lord Mayor of Hobart, Rob Valentine, the Deputy Mayor of Hobart, Pru Bonham, and Federal Member of Parliament, Harry Quick. The number of people attending seems to grow each year and there were many favourable comments about the programme.

This was organised by the Kingborough Spiritual Assembly.

©Copyright 2000, Pym Trueman, NGO Liaison Officer in Tasmania

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