Bahai News - Baha'is Embark On Training Programme For Women

Baha'is Embark On Training Programme For Women

The Independent
January 15, 2001


The National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of The Gambia recently embarked on a three month training programme on the empowerment of women in the society.

The programme sponsored by the Permanent Institute Board (PIB) of the Bahais of The Gambia is currently taking place at the Latrikunda Sabiji Bahai Centre with on enrolment of 40 participants.

Speaking at the opening ceremony the head of the local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of Latrikunda Mr. Abu Kargbo said the programme is aimed at providing women an opportunity to understand their mission, role and responsibility as handmaidens, in the family and in the community so that they will participate in community activites.

He said once the women agree to participate in community activities, they can receive their training from other institutes courses and also be part of other community activities alongside the men.

He speculated that the participation of men in the training is essential, because it will enable them to undersand the importance of practising the principals of equality of men and women and the desire to practise it. He reiterated the hope that with training, the Centre will support women in their efforts to develop their potentials through education and training, to have access and control over time and resourses, so that women can enter all fields of human endeavour and contribute meaningfully towards the advancement of the wellbeing of human-kind.

In his closing remarks, Mr Simon Colley Chairman of the local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahais of Lamin pointed out that the advancement of women is what the government is talking about which he said is in line with what the Bahais are advocating. He said the training will be significant and helpful to girls and young women who are yet to marry so that they will know how to live with their husbands and also how to bring up a good family.

He concluded that the training programme is open to all Bahais and non-Bahais regardless of their faith because it is within the ten fundamental principles of the Bahai faith that universal education is compulsory to all.

He said that certificates will be awarded to participants at the end of their training.

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