Bahai Institute of Higher Education

Bahá'í Institute of Higher Education

In April, 1999 we learned of the sentencing of the four faculty members. The Islamic Revolutionary Court in Isfahan cited the individuals' involvement in a program of Bahá'í studies as evidence of crimes against national security. At that time Dr. Sina Hakiman was sentenced to ten years in prison, Messrs. Farzad Khajeh Sharifabadi and Habibullah Ferdosian Najafabadi to seven years, and Mr. Ziaullah MirZApaNaH To three years.

At the end of December we learned that three of the four Bahá'í faculty members who were arrested in the fall of 1998 for teaching academic courses at the Bahá'í Institute for Higher Education (BIHE) in Iran have been released.

At present Mr. Mirzapanah, who took ill earlier this year and was permitted to return home, remains under house arrest.

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