6 January 2000

Dearly loved friends

After months of media attention, controversy and scepticism, The Millennium Dome actually opened on the night of New Year's Eve! Secretary of the National Assembly Barney Leith and his wife, Mrs Erica Leith, were in attendance at the Dome to enjoy the biggest party on earth! You'll be g lad to know that having started the evening at a reception at the House of Lords the Leiths (along with the other guest from the reception) were given VIP treatment and were able to escape the queues that plagued the majority of guests.

Inside the Dome's much talked-about Faith Zone the Baha'i community takes its rightful place as one of the nine major faiths of the United Kingdom. In the multi-faith area nine triangular perspex "life point" pillars depict aspects of life common to people of faith and to those without a belief system. The Baha'i Community is represented primarily on a pillar about the family; it also feature on all the other pillars and throughout the Faith Zone. Introductory Baha'i books are available to buy at the Dome book shops and the voices of One World Rhythm Choir can be heard surrounding the Family Pillar with the words of Baha'u'llah.

The presence of the Baha'i community in the centre-piece of the British Millennium celebrations establishes the Baha'i Faith as a major feature of the religious landscape of the United Kingdom.

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