Greece - Public performance of Dance Workshop in Neapoli

3 January 1998:

ABLAZE 2 the dance workshop consisting of four Townshend International School students and three guest dancers from Albania and Germany toured Greece through Christmas Holidays. Everyone assured the group that it is a bad time and nothing much can be done. Here is just one example of one performance.

For the first time a Vice-Mayor (Mr. Oreopoulos) of a large district in Thessaloniki (Neapoli) addressed 250 youth to welcome the "ABLAZE 2" dance workshop. So also did, with enthusiasm, did the secretary (Ms Maria Datseri) of the Organisation "New Generation" an institution for the welfare of youth. The atmosphere was filled with happiness and admiration for the dancers.

There was a strong sound system, an inviting amphitheater with lots of light, and comfortable chairs from where everybody had a great view. It was the first time that the audience was mainly students of the same age as the dancers. This crowd warmed up to be a cheering fan club, asking autographs from the members and trying to hold them back after the show. Even the dancers gave their very best through the intensive applause and whistling which filled the air. After the performance the Vice-mayor offered to organize another evening on 7 January which unfortunately is not possible. Most members will have left until then to spend at least 3 days with their parents before school starts again. The secretary of "New Generation" proposed to sponsor the dance workshop to come back in springtime. And today a national newspaper "Adesmevtos" published a whole page which pictures from "Townshend International School". The title "Kids are dancing and singing for peace". Much of the success of this event was due to the efforts of Nada Rohani, a Baha'i student in Thessaloniki, who was responsible for the public relations.

Reported by P & J Strieth

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