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Kelly's Dental Records Disappeared After Death

"'We had another call from the dentist to say that the dental records had reappeared on Sunday in the place in the filing cabinet where they should have been ..'"

LONDON - British police have ruled out virtually all conspiracy theories about the death of former Iraq arms inspector David Kelly after he was revealed as a suspected source behind accusations that the government exaggerated Iraq’s arms threat.

Assistant Chief Constable Michael Page, who coordinated the hunt for Kelly after he went missing on July 17, said that no evidence could be found of any third party involvement, of any blackmail or criminal dimension in the assumed suicide.

"To all intents and purposes, murder can be ruled out," Page said after being recalled to give evidence for the second time to the inquiry into the circumstances leading Kelly’s death on Tuesday.

But the senior officer from Thames Valley Police revealed a mystery over the disappearance of the former arms inspector’s dental records.

The officer said that Kelly’s dentist contacted the police to express "concern" that his dental records were found to be missing on Friday July 18, the day his body was found.

"We had another call from the dentist to say that the dental records had reappeared on Sunday in the place in the filing cabinet where they should have been," the assistant chief inspector told the inquiry.

The assistant chief inspector said that the police carried out a full examination of the surgery and, in particular, one window which the dentist was concerned may not have been secure, added that "no trace of anything Untoward" was found.

The senior officer also revealed that in course of the police inquiries in which 500 people were question, one gentleman expressed concern that he had noticed three individuals dressed in dark or blackclothing near the scene where Kelly’s body was found.

But after plotting police movements on a map, he said that he was satisfied that the individuals were identified as "three of our officers."

In the investigation, the police took 300 statements and seized in excess of 700 documents in addition to the computer files, e-mail and phone records.

Page confirmed that one of the people interviewed was Kelly’s Baha’i mentor, Mai Pederson, who reportedly worked for US military intelligence, but said that she refused to make a statement. But Page added that he had a record of the interviews that took place and that "the conversation added nothing that was of relevance to my inquiry."

Source: IRNA News

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