Bahai News -- KBCI-TV Boise - Hispanic Cultural Center Blessed In Special Ceremony September 7, 2003

Hispanic Cultural Center Blessed In Special Ceremony

By Mike Keckler

NAMPA - The morning after it was dedicated, the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho was christened.  A special Sunday ceremony in which people of many different faiths and cultures left their own places of worship, and gathered at the center as one.  "It was very touching to have all of those different religions come here and bless our building," said Alma Gomez, who is busy painting a mural on one of the center's walls.

Native Americans played a drum a sang.  A Catholic Priest sprinkled holy water.  A smudge stick was lit - the smoke allowed to drift over heads bowed in prayer.  The center's goal is to, "Improve the quality of life for all people as well as recognize, celebrate and preserve Hispanic heritage, culture and values."

Vernell Crumbaugh is a Nampa teacher and a member of the Baha'i Faith.  She stood before the diverse congregation and sang these words, "Won't you come on in this house, when we work together, we can work it out."  Afterwards, she elaborated.  "This is a house, a nurturing place where all of Idaho is invited.  For me, that extends to all mankind," she said.

In this troubled world, perhaps there is hope as long as we have faith and ideals like those set forth here today.

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