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We don't judge as individuals what other people may do in their actions - that is for God to do

What do Baha'is believe?

18.30PM BST, 2 Sep 2003

Wendi Momen, a spokeswomen for the Baha'i faith - which Dr David Kelly followed - told Nick Owen of ITV News about the religion.

Nicholas Owen: What does the Baha'i faith entail?

Wendi Momen: The Baha'i faith believes in the oneness of humanity, religion and the wonders of God.

NO: How important would the faith have been to Dr Kelly, based on the sort of person we are gathering that he was?

WM: I think extremely important. For someone to have come from a different faith and convert to the Baha'i faith, it must have been very significant for him.

NO: How would he have been in contact with the other members?

WM: There would have been a local community around him who would have supported him, also people engage in daily prayer and other religious activities.

NO? It looks as though he committed suicide, where does the faith stand on that?

WM: Baha'is don't believe that suicide is a very good way forward for them. We don't condone it at all.

On the other hand that people may be under pressure and God is merciful.

We don't judge as individuals what other people may do in their actions - that is for God to do.

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