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The week ahead In summary

Monday September 1, 2003
The Guardian

The Hutton inquiry is due to sit from Monday to Thursday this week in courtroom 73 at the Royal Courts of Justice. Those listed to attend are:


Janice Kelly, Sarah Pape, Rachel Kelly, David Wilkins (family)

Prof Nick Avery (friend)

Attention will be focused on the evidence of Dr David Kelly's widow, Janice, who is expected to tell of the pressure brought to bear on the family by the Iraq crisis and of a series of rows about the issue. She and other members of the family are likely to give evidence by video link


Ruth Absalom (neighbour)

Dr Malcolm Warner (GP)

Louise Holmes, Paul Chapman (search team)

PC Martyn Sawyer; PC Andrew Franklin; DC Peter Coe; Sergeant Hugh Webb

David Bartlett, Vanessa Hunt (ambulance)

Barney Leith (Baha'i faith)

Prof Hawton (psychiatrist)

Dr Kelly had converted to Baha'i, a religion which preaches universal peace and emphasises truthfulness.

The faith, founded by an Iranian 19th century exile, claims 5 million adherents worldwide. Mr Leith was also a personal friend


Richard Allan (toxicologist)

Nicholas Hunt (forensic pathology services)

Assistant Chief Constable Page

Steven Macdonald (Ministry of Defence)

Personnel from the defence intelligence staff

The as yet unnamed personnel from the defence intelligence staff will provide further insight into the way in which the government prepared last September's controversial dossier about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Some members of the defence intelligence staff are known to have had reservations about the dossier.


Olivia Bosch (former colleague)

Leigh Potter (neighbour)

Richard Taylor (special adviser to secretary of state for defence)

Tom Mangold (journalist)

Richard Taylor was called after the inquiry learned he was another source of confirmation for a journalist seeking the identity of the Ministry of Defence source who met BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan. Mr Taylor spoke to the reporter on July 9, confirming Dr Kelly's name.

The responsibility for the naming of Dr Kelly by the government is a key issue Lord Hutton is examining.

The inquiry will not hear any more witnesses in the week after Thursday September 4. Hearings will begin again on Monday September 15.

Lord Hutton plans to adjourn again on Thursday September 25 and write his report.

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