Bahai News -- The Chief - Posthumous showing of award-winning Baha'i artist's final works at Newport

Posthumous showing of award-winning Baha'i artist's final works at Newport

By Todd Lawson

The Newport Gallery is pleased to announce the showing of a legacy of artworks left behind by the late Murray Devlin.

“Fairy Tales with Alternate Endings” features the last works of award winning Baha’i artist Murray Devlin. The unfinished series of 50 depictions of fairy tales with alternative endings demonstrates that as Devlin aged, his originality and insight continued to surprise and delight the viewer.

Born in Vancouver, Devlin had been involved in art through most of his life. His work has been exhibited in Seattle, Toronto and Ottawa and widely throughout B.C. Devlin was employed by CBC Television for 25 years where he worked as a production designer and art director.

Twenty-six of Devlin’s finished works will be on display at the Newport Gallery in Squamish from Aug. 28 until Sept. 24. Gina Devlin, Murray’s wife, will be in attendance on opening night Aug. 28 from 7-9 p.m.

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