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Mayor addresses Baháí summer school

The Mayor of Waterford, Alderman Tom Cunningham, welcomed hundreds of members of the Bahá'í Faith to Waterford at the city’s Newtown School on Tuesday 12th August. The Mayor was introduced by the vice – chairman of the Waterford Bahá'í community, Mr. Matthew Kennedy.

The Bahá'í Faith annual residential summer school is taking place from 10 – 17th August. This is the twenty fifth school held in Waterford. Its theme is ‘Sincerity of Faith’.

The school is booked out and about 500 adults and children are expected to attend, including many visitors from outside the country. The attendance is made up of members of the Baha’i Faith and their families, plus others interested in learning more about the principles and practise of the Baha’i religion. They will participate in classes, mini-seminars, sports and craft activities appropriate to the various age groups.

There has been an elected Bahá'í administrative council in Waterford City since 1974. Nine adult local Bahá'ís, male and female, are elected annually. They arrange year round activities, including study circles and devotionals to which people of all faiths are welcome.

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