Bahai News -- Piety, Way Forward for HIV/Aids

Piety, Way Forward for HIV/Aids

The Independent (Banjul)

July 7, 2003
Posted to the web July 7, 2003

Abdul Qadri Ceesay

HIV is the most dreadful virus that causes the most fearful, sorrowful, disastrous, and humiliating global pandemic called AIDS. It does not have any barrier irrespective of financial, social status, race, professionalism or religion, be it a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Bahai, Confucian, animist etc. AIDS is a bombshell that befalls and devastates any soul of an adulterer.

Hay! This world of ours, which hosts million of crises, ranging from crises of greed, bullet, soul, materialism, religion, enthusiasm, racism to crises of terrorism are all fathered by crises of HIV/AIDS that prove defiant, stubborn, disastrous and for the mean time unconquerable.

Dwellers of this insignificant and strenuous world! Subject yourself to doctrines of critical thinking and come up with more productive means of combating HIV/AIDS pandemic, than the precautionary measure of using condoms. Despite its voluminous advantage, it rather encourages adultery than solve the problem. Beside, it is not hundred percent safe.

Under critical analysis, the causes, signs, or early symptoms, and preventive measures of HIV/AIDS, are so extraordinary that I view it as a consequence of violating Holy scriptures (Allah's will) Beware that this world is governed by two different forces-Allah's constitutions, and Satan works. Accordingly, one's fate is determined by the constitution one follow. The most foolish and misguided of the unwise, who thinks that he is the wisest of the wise is the one who simultaneously follow the two constitutions.

Our small, beautiful and beloved Gambia is predominantly a Muslim state and our greatest and most superior source of law is the Holy Quran.

Therefore, advocating the use of condoms is equivalent to telling people to "use condom to commit adultery and equally prevent STDs and AIDS.

Muslims must give this a second thought by returning to Quran, particularly chapter 17verse 32 which states that "Nor come near adultery for it is an indecent (deed) and an evil way".What power, what guarantee, what intelligence and what smartness do we have to escape Allah's critical assessment in the eternal world.

Brothers and sisters, to remedy the problem of HIV/AIDS, we must launch a strong attitudinal revolution, which must start by diverting ourselves from the fetters of the soul. In order to live a life of dignity and peace in the hereafter, we must in this world suppress and oppress the will of our soul for the will of Allah. We must "desecularise" our knowledge and mode of behavior and "islamise" it to a greater extent. I am highly confident with no iota of doubt that when we refine our sexual passions no satanic force can infiltrate us. Thus, we would attain greater success in the AIDS crusade.

I am so much flabbergasted as to why it is extremely difficult to enlighten youths about AIDS. Is it because we are merely defiant?

Conduct research on the sensitization of HIV/AIDS and other STDs disease, you would hear people saying lots of funny comments and deliberate ignorance about the pandemic.

Dear Muslim believers, let's us launch a big bang change towards salvation and peace through Islamic education. At this particular juncture, I would say that we are just like rust metal and the only lubricants or galvanizer we can use to remove the rust is to get back to the Quran and think more about the dark cell (the grave) material resources and beautiful wives. It is sad that our minds are too pre-occupied with "Takathur" (i.e. accumulation of wealth) that we forget about the extreme shortness of our lives. Fellow Muslims save something for the world where man can neither increase nor reduce his belongings. Let us not die with AIDS as a testimony of adultery in this secular world.

Beware of this world of deception and it's agents of acceptation who deliberately deceive people about the falsity of the true existence of HIV/AIDS. From this moment, please turn over new leaf and strongly belief that HIV/AIDS really exists. They have formulated statement of deception and confusion that push you to become a victim of this global pandemic. They will say, "AIDS is an American idea of discouraging sex, "it is a white man propaganda etc just to make us forget that we should uphold the principle of abstinence before marriage.

With this new world characterized by funny dressing styles, which is equivalent to walking on the street naked, with our language completely destroyed and home nurture barely very weak, when shall we pronounce HIV/AIDS historical? When shall it be extinct? Unless we restructure our tactics of combating AIDS and adopt the principle of piety and religiousness, we are yet to divert our millions of Dalasis to other economic sectors.

It is sad that human beings have just neglected a diamond not for gold or silver but for a valueless stone, with our high status and extreme superiority over other animals, man presently tend to envy their life style and in the process he appear uglier than them. Unless these scenarios disappear, HIV/AIDS shall be on the rampage. The ABCs of safer sex continues to be a failure unless we understand and implement our purpose of existence. The man of today is in the state of arrogance and defiance and not ignorance. Beware that we are too small and insignificant to survive the anger and wrath of Allah .Why should we feel big and arrogant on the surface on earth when our perception of the Quran is similar to that of our physics, chemistry, anthropology, sociology, accounting and philosophy book which can at anytime be manipulated. Unless, we understand the nature and purpose of our creation through the Quran which is preserved and guided by Allah himself, the world of peace and freedom shall be ideal. Fellow Gambians lets us, instead of early marriage fight against adultery for it is of a greater advantage. Lets us make our families through marrying good wives, nurture our children through the prophetic model, live according to the Quran and Sunnah, emulate the companions in forming our society and get rid of AIDS through the Quran and sunnah and not the condom. My dear sister in Islam let us launch a code of dress, which is line with Islam to free the eyes from perceptual sin. My dear sisters please change and you shall see how your status shall be further elevated.

-May Allah free us from Satan and his lucifaic doctrines -May Allah continued to guide us like he has guided the companions of prophets -May Allah free us from crises of all kinds especially of HIV/AIDS -May Allah make the understanding of the holy Quran easy for us, if we understand it, maybe make it easy to live according to the Quran -May Allah help to change the code of dressing of our sisters to that of Islam (Hijad) - May Allah free us from the present economic crises -May Allah empower the struggle against early adultery over the struggle against marriage.

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