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The Cause & Effect Baha'i Film Festival


A New Film Festival to Bring The Spiritual to the Silver Screen

As there is an ever-growing number of independent films that find their stories exploring spiritual metaphors and socially reflective themes, two movie enthusiasts and one filmmaker set out to create a venue for motion pictures that revolve around virtues and attributes of the Baha'i teachings. Tara Rout, a writer and a dramatist living in Newfoundland; Jacqueline Russell, a playwright and an actress, residing in Edmonton; and Tobin Smith, an up and coming filmmaker based in Vancouver are the founders of this initiative called The Cause and Effect Baha'i Film Festival, which is being backed by the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Edmonton.

"I am extremely interested in anything and everything that has to do with spirituality and social reflection on film" Smith said.

The festival will begin its first year in Edmonton at the Horowitz Theatre at the University of Alberta, November 6th to 8th with panel discussions Friday and Saturday mornings, and screenings through the rest of the day.

The organizers are hoping for a surprising turn out. "We definitely want to keep a level of professionalism, but we are looking for good stories over technical achievements, and as such we hope that everyone feels welcome to submit" explains Rout.

They are calling this first event their 'Chicken and Rice Edition' because it will be so bare bones (without much garnish). "It's meant more to be a place for striving filmmakers and movie enthusiasts to come together, celebrate their achievements and share their work." says Smith, "Maybe even meet the right person for their next project."

Submission forms and further information can be found on the festival's website at

10815 - 85 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T6E 2L2

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