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Perfect Harmony

TUES, 5/13

Subtle tears in the social fabric and the ruthless holes in international relations can create a world of disharmony.But amid the turmoil, groups of individuals are knitting together diverse cultural strands. For them, it's the only way to further peace.

"The idea that we can all live together without having anything to do with one another is absurd," says Geoffrey Wodell, one of the organizers of tonight's Harmony of Differences Musicale, a benefit for the University of Denver's Interfaith/Intercultural Institute of the Center for Judaic Studies. The 7 p.m. event, which takes place at the First Mennonite Church, 430 West Ninth Avenue, will feature performances by the Lutheran Chorale, Bahai dancers, the Blues Brethren (led by a Mennonite guitar-slingin' minister), the Hindu Mudra Dance Studio and the Temple Sinai Choir. For tickets, $25, call 303-871-3018.

Proceeds from the concert will benefit the Town Hall Series on Channel 12. But Wodell, a Temple Sinai baritone who will join in singing the 400-year-old "Sim Shalom/Dona Nobis Pacem" ("Give Us Peace") in both Hebrew and Latin, says there is a greater benefit.

"If we know what each other does as faith, as culture, as food," he says, "then we can begin to understand one another." -- Ernie Tucker

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