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This is the Web site of the World Prayers Project, a nonprofit group collecting prayers "representing all life-affirming traditions" for an online database.

What you'll find: Visitors can access words of adoration, celebration, invocation and meditation ranging from Catholic novenas and Native American meditations to Tibetan mantras and Baha'i prayers.

Contemporary writings are represented as well, including a "Surfer's Prayer" and a prayer by Father Mychal Judge, the Catholic priest who died ministering to firefighters and others on Sept. 11, 2001.

There's an index, a search function that allows visitors to search by tradition, keyword or type of prayer, and a link to submit a prayer for the collection.

Don't miss the Prayer Wheel -- give it a "spin" and receive a randomly selected prayer from the database. It's the multi-faith, virtual equivalent of closing one's eyes and flipping to a verse in the Bible. With a little serendipity, you may encounter the very words you need to hear today.

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