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Virtue of the Week

“Joy gives us wings! In times of joy our strength is more vital, our intellect keener, and our understanding less clouded. We seem better able to cope with the world and to find our sphere of influence.” —’Abdu’l-Baha, Paris Talks, p. 109

Joyfulness is being filled with happiness, peace, love and a sense of well-being. Joy is inside us all. It comes from a sense of being loved. It comes from an appreciation for the gift of life. Joy comes when we are doing what we know is right. Joy is the inner sense that can carry us through the hard times, even when we are feeling sad.

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Signs of Success

I am practicing joyfulness when I…

o Look inside for happiness

o Believe that God created me and always loves me

o Enjoy whatever I am doing

o Appreciate some gift in my life

o Appreciate some gift in myself

o Feel an inner peace even when things are tough.

I am thankful for the joy I feel inside. I enjoy my work and my play. I appreciate the gifts this day holds for me.

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