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Christian comments simplistic

BAHAI spokesman and community leader, Mr Vic Mower, made comments in the news recently, (January 11), calling on all faiths to restrain their members from prejudice and persecution of members of religious movements in Australia.

While Mr Mowers concerns are well-founded and his intent ought to be applauded, surely his comments regarding the Christian faith, of which he was obviously referring to in his comments, are simplistic and most erroneous in their expression.

No Christian denomination or individual church of which I am aware practises or approves of any member demonstrating hateful actions, attitudes or prejudices towards other human beings, irrespective of their origins or faiths.

Such inappropriate behaviour would quickly be addressed by church leaders and suitable action taken against the person or persons involved.

A somewhat naive view of religion in Australia is apparently taken by immigrants from countries where religion is mandatory and everybody follows the State religion, whatever it may be.

Here in Australia, people are free to follow their own conscience and may become part of a religious movement or not, the choice is entirely theirs.

Many Australians who do not follow Christ still describe themselves, particularly in census forms, as being Christian or belonging to a certain denomination, when clearly they are not.

If that were truly the case, even a 500 per cent increase in church buildings would not contain them.

These, Mr Mower, are the Australians who vilify those from other countries and religions.

Such Australians unfortunately have no clear understanding or concept of Almighty Gods mercy and grace and salvation through Jesus Christ, which is freely offered to all comers, denying none who seek it.



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