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Jan 1, 2003 - Rocky Mountain News
Author(s): Jean Torkelson Rocky Mountain News

A new clergy group composed of Jews, Christians and Muslims is planning its first interfaith service Sunday dedicated to "peace and light."

The group, which says it is nonpolitical, will travel to three different worship centers in the Denver area to pray or meditate for world peace and unity.

The event begins at 6 p.m. at Rodef Shalom Synagogue, 450 S. Kearney St., then proceeds to Aurora for a 7 p.m. gathering at Mountain View Community Church, 10700 E. Evans Ave., and concludes with an 8 p.m. service at the Colorado Muslim Society mosque at 2071 Parker Road.

At each location the group will light candles to symbolize the enduring hope of peace in a world fraught with conflict and terror, said Rabbi Bernard Gerson of Rodef Shalom.

"One of the sub-themes we want to impress on people is not to let the light go out - the light of peace, of community," Gerson said.

The original idea when the group formed in October was to hold its first service when war broke out with Iraq. But the group decided to begin 2003 with a service and hold several more throughout the year.

The group intends to keep its message centered on people and not political ends, Gerson said.

"This is not a war protest. There are several communities that had pointed demonstrations, but our feeling is we're not trying to make a political statement but to inspire our faith communities to come together, to dialogue and to understand each other."

Other members of the clergy group will host similar traveling events later in 2003.

Participants are Carema Cook of Muslims Intent on Learning and Activism; Marietta Dixon of the Baha'i Faith; Gerson, of Rodef Shalom; the Revs. Steve Hoffman and Beth Robey-Hyde of Parkview Congregational Church (UCC); the Rev. Brent Johnston, First Presbyterian Church of Aurora; the Rev. Craig Peterson, Mountain View Community Church; and Dennis Sienko of the Zen Center of Denver.

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