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Religion Poll Results

Citizens pray for rain at Blanco Co. Courthouse

The response to the Chronicle's religion questionnaire, which was published in August and September, was far greater than we expected. More than 70 responses came in, with the vast majority of respondents saying that religion was playing a larger role in their lives. Only a handful of responses were from agnostics or atheists. Some of the responses were thoughtful (one letter was two typed pages, single-spaced). Most were quickly dashed off. Some were hilarious. For instance, one respondent, who described himself as an "anti-religionist" said that he only prayed to the "Creator, in case one exists." When responding to the question asking if he had children, he said, "no, thank God."

The following is a very scientific analysis of the poll's results.

Not surprisingly, our poll respondents tended to be quite religious:

Interestingly, though, on the question of religion and politics, people lost their faith.

Of the people who identified their religious affiliation, there were: